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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to wait until the very last second to book so we get the perfect size vehicle. Is that a good idea?

That is not a good idea! As soon as you know approximately what you want, make a reservation. It’s easier to upgrade or downsize equipment when you have a final count rather than risk having Midwest Transit System being sold out or having to settle for a vehicle that is not ideal for your group size.

We don't even know the date yet! How in the world do we get a quote?

That’s OK. Give us an idea of when you will need transportation and we can still tell you what it costs.

We didn't just win Lotto! We have a budget!

That’s fine, we have a wide variety of equipment and experienced sales leaders and we can help customize a quote to work with your budget.

This is so confusing, I don't know where to start!

Ever call a big company and work with a different person every time you call? If you prefer, we can set you up with a single person who can answer your questions, whether it’s Tuesday morning at 8:00am or Saturday night at 11:00pm.

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